The club has several Committees. The members of these are detailed below:

General Committee

President: Richard Harling

Richard Harling - President 2015-2018
Chairman: Ken MacLeod

ken mcleod 1

Hon. Treasurer: Trevor Woolmer

Trevor Woolmer
Hon. Secretary: Carl George

Carl George
Elected Member: Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas
Elected Member: Cliff Woolnoth

Cliff Woolnoth
Tennis: John Caplan

john caplan 2
Squash: Kevin Pearce

Kevin Pearce
Short Mat Bowls: Val Preston

Val Preston
Cricket: Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy
Table Tennis: Roland Zaunmayr
Hockey: Paul Bewers

Paul Bewers

Chairmen of Committees

Chairman of Management CommitteeDilip Jajodia

dilip Jajodia
Inter-Section CommitteeJohn Caplan

john caplan 2
Premises CommitteeCliff Woolnoth

Cliff Woolnoth
Finance CommitteeTrevor Woolmer

Trevor Woolmer
Fundraising Committee Andrew Pearson

andrew pearson 4

Club Staff and Section Secretaries

Office ManagerFiona Robinson
Fiona Robinson
Office AssistantTrevor Diner

Trevor Diner
Bar ManagerChris Tilley

Chris Tilley
Grounds ManagerJames Sherwood

James Sherwood
Independent ExaminerIan Brassington
Section SecretariesCricket – Deepak Sinha
Hockey – Lisa Dixon
Short Mat Bowls – Jean Allen
Squash & Racketball – Sue Woodhouse
Table Tennis – Philip Walker
Tennis – Jessica Betts

Vice Presidents and Trustees of the Land

Trustees of Club Lands

E N Noble
C P Hickson

W P Matthews
M L Thomas
Vice Presidents

M L Thomas (Past President)
P J Fuller (Past President)
W P Matthews (Past President)
K T MacLeod (Past President)
Mrs A Murphy (Past President)

A R Pearson
T R Dawlings
T Ducat
V G Irvine
Mrs J F Leiper
Mrs L Kennedy

F R Pratt (Past President)
Mrs B Thomas (Past President)
E N Noble (Past President)
T J Woolmer (Past President)

Mrs C E Davies
Mrs R A Pearson
Mrs J L Pratt
A J Moore
D K Jajodia