Jim Nicholls Handicap Tournament Winners

The Jim Nicholls handicap final took place on Friday 9 February.

In the plate final an on-form Harry Best beat Gavin Manning, who was unable to overturn Harry’s points advantage.

In the main final Tom Kirrage took on Tomasz ‘The Terminator’ Noetzel. Licking his wounds from his defeat in the earlier handicap tournament of the season to talented junior,  Daniel Caton, Tomasz was determined not to let this opportunity for his name to be in gold leaf slip away. He went out hard in the first game and took early advantage of his five point head start against Tom, stretching his lead comfortably and wrapping up the first game in style. Tom Kirrage immediately tried to limit Tomasz’s head start in the second and got the game back to within a point in the early stages. Tomasz dug deep though and, despite some good squash from both players under pressure, Tomasz got his nose ahead and took the match 2-0.

Thanks to everyone who entered and the markers on the night!