Woodford Wells Grade 3 Open Tennis Tournament 21st October – 27th October

Dear Member,

Once more we anticipate our open tournament will be the largest outdoor tournament in Essex this year, and the second largest fundraising event for the club. For these reasons we are asking for assistance and support from all members.

Court supervision

If you can spare some time in the week commencing 21st October to act as a court supervisor please would you contact me by email (dharston@chigwell-school.org)

This would involve keeping an eye on the players and contacting our referee (Graeme Luckin), if there are any issues that he might need to sort out. If you could do a morning or afternoon that would be greatly appreciated. The tournament starts on the 21st October and concludes on the 27th October.


We have a programme for the open tournament with a circulation of c.500 and all players receive a copy. If you would like to advertise your business in the programme our fees are £50 for half a page and £100 for a full page. The back page is £200. Please let me know if you would like to avail yourself of this opportunity. The programme has been much admired and is printed by Park Communications Ltd.

Event Sponsorship

As in previous years members are invited to become named sponsors of a tournament event in the tournament programme for the sum of £25. If you would be interested to do so please contact me.

Playing opportunity

If you would like to take part in this year’s tournament you can enter at just half the usual rate. Each event will cost you just £9 rather than the rate of £18 to non-members. Entry is on the LTA website. It would be great to get more of our members directly involved in playing this home tournament for the club.


Court Availability

Understanding is requested from members in respect of court bookings during the period of the tournament. All eleven courts will be booked out to the tournament from 09.00 each day and heavily utilised throughout. Wherever possible, from 18.00 each day our tournament referee will begin to release some courts back to club members for bookings into the evening.

Kind regards,

David Harston

Chairman, Woodford Wells Open Tennis Tournament Committee