Survival of The Woodford Wells Club

Survival of The Woodford Wells Club

Dear Members,

You will know, following Government advice and other guidance that the club has had to close for the foreseeable future. This very difficult decision was taken earlier than government guidelines, but one we hope will have served to save lives in our community as a whole.

Not surprisingly this will have serious financial consequences for us all. The Wells is a non-profit making, member’s club, and all the income it receives goes back to the club to upkeep and maintain its facilities for the benefit of its Members. The club is run on a very tight budget and it cannot sustain any major fluctuations in income.

Whether open or closed the club has certain fixed costs and other liabilities (which amount to over £100,000 per annum) that must be paid. With no income from the Bar, Events, Facility hire, Court Fees, lettings etc. now for at least a number of months, the annual subscription is its vital revenue stream and put quite simply, if we do not receive this income, the club will fold.

We are, where we can, cutting overheads, looking at other initiatives to raise income in the short term and also pursuing the grants promised by Government, but this will not be enough. We have many loyal Members and quite a number of you have already paid your annual subscriptions well in advance and specifically indicated that you have done this in recognition of the challenge ahead. The club can’t thank you enough for this show of loyalty which is the strength of The Wells and hopefully, we will be able to recognise this support when the situation returns to normal. With the subscription renewal due on April 1st we need as many members as possible to do the same and we cannot emphasise enough how important this is for the future of our club.

We understand that with the club closed, some of you may choose not to do this and that is your prerogative, but we have a great club and to ensure its future we desperately need your support now. If your annual subscription is not received we will assume that you are unable to support the Club and no longer wish to be a full member of The Wells. Later in the year, when we hope the situation will return to normal, you will of course be able to re-apply, but the membership rates/terms for new applications may have to change depending on the financial position of the club at the time.

Annual subscriptions can be paid online by clicking the following link:

We will still have the facility to take subscription payments via online bank transfer and over the phone if necessary, please contact if you require this facility.

Members who have monthly direct debits set up with the club will be collected as per previous notices which begin on 1st April unless instructed otherwise.

We have removed the Annual Card Top up at this time.

Our general manager Dan Arnot is still managing operations for the club remotely whilst in isolation, if you have any queries please contact him as above.

We thank you for your past loyalty and hope that this will continue during this most challenging time for the club and its survival.

To all members please keep well and safe.

The Woodford Wells Club

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