Net World Sports | Equipment Donation

We recently teamed up with Net World Sports who have kindly donated 2 new squeegees to the club.

This new equipment will be extremely helpful during the colder/wetter months in clearing standing water from our hard courts and getting them playable for members.

“Net World Sports have been fantastic in supporting us as a Charity sports club to encourage tennis in the local community. Their donation has been greatly received, especially in the difficult times we find ourselves in and funding such expenses. The new squeegees have already been in action and are a fantastic piece of equipment, I would recommend them to any club with hard courts who need to clear standing water quickly and efficiently”

Dan Arnot

General Manager

The Woodford Wells Club

Net World Sports founder and owner Alex Lovén is equally pleased to work with the club saying:

“During these difficult times we’re delighted to be able to show our support to the club by donating some equipment. Sports clubs like Woodford Wells are integral to the local community, now more than ever playing a key role in ensuring members physical and mental health and wellbeing. We’re sure the club will get plenty of use out of the squeegees over the next few months and we hope that they serve the club well for years to come”.

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