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Playing Tennis

The Wells runs a number of ‘Club’ or ‘Social Tennis’ sessions.


The sessions provide opportunities for members who may just play with their families, or in a regular four, to play with other members, and for new members to meet existing members.


The tennis played is competitive, without necessarily being team standard, and is generally doubles, although depending on numbers, singles may be an option for those who wish. After the sessions, members often adjourn to the club bar for drinks, and conversation.

The sessions run throughout the year, weather and lockdowns permitting. The present track and trace system requires the club to know which members are present at any time. To this end, each session now has a co-ordinator responsible for ensuring that attendees names are recorded. The social tennis sessions at the Wells are as below.

The Tuesday morning, Thursday morning, and Sunday afternoon sessions are open to all members, the Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions only to Full and Life Members.


The various sessions are differently organized, depending on the co-ordinator, and the number of members wishing to attend, but generally by email or ‘whats app’ round robins. These let members know who is attending, and ensure that sessions are ‘quorate’.


More players are always welcome.


If you are interested in joining any social tennis groups, please contact one of the co-ordinators who can provide more information, and who will add your name to the relevant circulation list. Please note that being on the list for any particular session is not a commitment to play every week, merely a means of keeping you informed.


The club charges for setting aside the courts, so members attending pay a small fee. These vary depending on e.g. whether floodlights are required. Co-ordinators can advise as to exact amounts, and payment arrangements. Some sessions are booked and paid for on-line. For these, members should go to either, or the Members Area of the Club website, click on Bookings, scroll though the calendar to find the day/time of the session you wish to book, and then follow the instructions. Members will need funds in their booking account to pay their fees. Members paying on the day at reception are required to use their club cards.

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