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New Members Portal FAQ'S

FAQ’s New Membership Online System

How do I log in?

Your username was sent to you on Saturday 13th March, please ensure this email is not in your junk mail if you have not received it. From here, go to the members online portal (from the website homepage or via the link in the email). Click on the “forgotten password” link. From here you will be requested to enter your username and you will then be emailed a temporary password for logging in, from here you can set your password to your preference. Please ensure that if you copy and paste the temporary password you do not copy a space before or after the characters as this will not be accepted. Entering your password incorrectly several times will lock you out of the system and you will need to contact the club to be unlocked.

The link for the members portal is:

Online Bookings:

Court Bookings

  • Court bookings are now open until 10pm.

  • Please remember to pre book your court and enter your opponents details at time of booking.

  • The club remains Members only, no Guests are currently permitted.

Check Ins

From Monday 19th April, members will need to check in for their bookings via the Kiosk at reception.

To check in at the kiosk, using the touch screen, click on your booking and then touch your members card on the reader on the wall.

If members have trouble doing so please ask at reception to be checked in.

Sharing Of Booking Fees

If members would like to share booking fees with their playing partners, the "share booking fees" box must be ticked at time of booking.

To automatically share booking fees between opponents, the booker and all participants of the bookings must check in at reception before your game. The booking fee with then be shared evenly and the booker will receive credit from other players accounts automatically.

Funds can still be transferred manually if needed via your bookings log in - My Menu > Transfer funds.

How do I change the duration settings?

At the top of the bookings sheets there is a tab labelled “Duration” here you can select your preference for what time scale you would like to book your courts in. 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, 120 mins. The system will automatically recognise your preferred timescale and open on this option each time you log in for future bookings.

When selecting an opponent for my booking, why can’t I find my playing partner/s?

Due to GDPR regulations, all members must log in for the first time and accept their consent preferences, this includes their name being shown on the booking sheets. If you cannot find your playing partner please prompt them to log into the new system and accept these terms, they will then be shown on the opponents list.

Why can’t I select a guest as opponent?

Due to COVID restrictions, the club will remain Members Only until restrictions are fully eased into the summer, to ensure all facilities are prioritised for members. We have therefore disabled the option for selecting a guest at this time.

Where can I see the bookings I have made?

When you are logged in and looking at the booking sheets page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see “my future bookings” and “my future bookings as opponent” from these drop-down menus you will see the full list of your bookings and be able to make changes if needed.

How do I check my account balance?

From the members log in portal, at the top of the page click “My Account > My Transactions” from here you will see your current balance and any transactions you have made throughout the club and bookings system.

How do I book a court for my child?

If you wish to book courts under your child’s name, they will need a unique email address on the system for them to have a log in. In which case please contact the club with a unique email address that can be added to their account. Please Note, as the lead member on their account, you will still receive all relevant communications from the club, including payment automated emails.

How do I top up my account?

You can top up by using a credit or debit card or take advantage of the new Automatic Top Up feature using a direct debit to top up your account automatically when your credit reaches a certain amount. This can all be managed within the "My Account > Account Top ups" section on your log in.

Go Cardless Mandates:

GoCardless is our new application for collecting membership fees, both annually and monthy.

If you are setting up a GoCardless mandate for your child (and you are not a member yourself), please complete the mandate with your name and account number, the name can be altered by clicking in the name fields. This is simply a payment method for your child’s account and won’t change their information on the membership database.

If you have received a GoCardless invite and are yet to complete the form, please do so as soon as possible to aid in the collection of your subscription.


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