The club has several Committees. The members of these are detailed below:

General Committee

President: Anne Miller

Chairman: Tony Moore

General Manager: Dan Arnot
Hon. Treasurer: Trevor Woolmer

Trevor Woolmer
Hon. Secretary: Janine Best
Elected Member: Richard Harling

Elected Member: Cliff Woolnoth

Cliff Woolnoth
Tennis: Alex Wright

Squash: Melinda Doughty

Short Mat Bowls: Bryan Taylor

Cricket: Luke O'Reilly

Table Tennis: Tony Scholer

Hockey: Donna Blockley

Netball: Jo Peddy

Chairmen of Committees

Inter-Section CommitteeJohn Caplan

john caplan 2
Premises CommitteeCliff Woolnoth

Cliff Woolnoth
Finance CommitteeTrevor Woolmer

Trevor Woolmer

Club Staff and Section Secretaries

General ManagerDan Arnot
Office AssistantTrevor Diner

Trevor Diner
Bar ManagerChris Tilley

Chris Tilley
Grounds ManagerJames Sherwood

James Sherwood
Independent ExaminerIan Brassington
Section SecretariesCricket – Deepak Sinha
Hockey – Lisa Dixon
Short Mat Bowls – Jean Allen
Squash & Racketball – Gavin Manning
Table Tennis – Philip Walker
Tennis – Jessica Betts

Vice Presidents and Trustees of the Land

Trustees of Club Lands

E N Noble
C P Hickson

W P Matthews
M L Thomas
Vice Presidents

M L Thomas (Past President)
P J Fuller (Past President)
W P Matthews (Past President)
K T MacLeod (Past President)
Mrs A Murphy (Past President)

A R Pearson
T R Dawlings
T Ducat
V G Irvine
Mrs J F Leiper
Mrs L Kennedy

F R Pratt (Past President)
Mrs B Thomas (Past President)
E N Noble (Past President)
T J Woolmer (Past President)
Richard Harling (Past President)

Mrs R A Pearson
Mrs J L Pratt
A J Moore
D K Jajodia
C Woolnoth
C Blockley